Lyre music for sale from B. Lindour

Folksong from Europe arranged with soprano, alto, or solo lyre in 4 volumes by


Bernhard Lindour

Dorfstr. 20

D-79261 Gutach


Tel. (+ 49) (0)7685 913322



Volume 1: "Folksongs of Europe"

21 folksongs from Greece, Italy, Bretagne, Wales, Scotland, Scandinavia, Russia etc. In original languages with translation into German. Foreword in English.

12, - + postage + packing

Volume 2: "Folksongs of Middle Europe"

20 folksongs from Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary. In original languages, with help for pronunciation. Foreword in English.

12,- + postage + packing

Volume 3: "Folksongs of Northern Europe"

21 folksongs from Denmark, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Finland. In original languages, partly translated into German.

12, - + postage + packing

Volume 4: "Folksongs of the Celts"

21 folksongs in original languages: Breton, Cornish (Cornwall), Welsh, Manx (Isle of Man), Irish-Gaelic, All songs are translated into German and have a version for pronunciation, which is derived from German. There is an extra paper, with an English foreword and pronunciation-version for 10 songs for English speakers. About 12 songs you also can sing in English and some Breton songs in French.

14, - + postage + packing

If you order more than 2 lyre books, you'll get a discount. The customer pays the costs of money transfer.





updated 20.10.2008